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    What is Earnest Money?

    By Brian Taylor | February 15, 2021

    Is earnest money required when buying a house, and what does earnest money even mean? So, you’re making an offer and your agent tells you that you need to put up some cash for earnest money, but what the heck does that mean? Well, earnest money is money that the buyer is willing to put... Read More

    How To Win a Bidding War on a House

    By Brian Taylor | February 11, 2021

    So you’re trying to buy a house and you keep running into multiple offer situations. Yep, I feel your pain and today we’re talking about the top 5 tips to help you win. So right now, it’s February 2021 and the market is absolutely insane!! Houses are selling in a matter of days and multiple... Read More

    8 Rules For Showing Houses

    By Brian Taylor | February 8, 2021

    Looking at houses is a fun and exciting time. But there are certain things we must be mindful of as we enter a seller’s property.  There are 8 rules that, if followed will help make your home viewing experience the best it can be, and they may even keep us out of trouble too.  So... Read More

    Amberley Model Home

    By Brian Taylor | February 3, 2021

    Read More

    Why You Need a Home Inspection

    By Brian Taylor | February 1, 2021

    Buying a home and wondering if you need to get a home inspection? Alright, so the question is…”Do I need to get a home inspection when buying a home….and the answer is YES, EVERY SINGLE TIME.  The first and most obvious reason is to protect your investment to make sure there isn’t anything majorly wrong... Read More

    What is a Due Diligence Fee?

    By Brian Taylor | January 26, 2021

    So you’ve found the perfect house and you’re ready to make an offer.  What in the world is this Due Diligence Fee I have to pay? When you make an offer on a house, a due diligence fee is a specific amount of money that the buyer is willing to give the seller in exchange... Read More